Smoking A Joint Vs. Using A Vaporizer For Marijuana

smoking vs. vaporizing marijuana

You could smoke a joint or vaporize your perennially favorite marijuana. There has been endless public debate highlighting the ill effects of smoking but that is primarily confined to cigarettes, by extension tobacco. Electronic cigarettes have long been a substitute to smoking. Weed vaporizers are not a new concept or invention. They are about just as old as electronic cigarettes in the west and that is in the modern context. If you were to consider the history of hookahs and other methods of vaporizing that have been popular all around the world for centuries, then you would discover that herb vaping is not a discovery of the west nor is it a post industrialization phenomenon.

Benefits of using Marijuana Vaporizers

One of the first advantages and the most important benefit is the effect of using marijuana vaporizers on your health. Smoking is harmful. It is true that marijuana is not as harmful as smoking tobacco cigarettes but the actual process of burning weed or the combustion produces several toxins. The number of these toxins will be lower than those generated by tobacco but you cannot do anything about the fumes and toxic gases as a result of combustion. You would be exposed to these toxins, breathe them in and suffer in the short and long term as a consequence. Using vaporizers eliminates all these toxins associated with combustion. You will not be exposed to different carcinogens. There is no tar generated in the process of vaporizing.

The second most noteworthy benefit also pertains to your health but it is more about the positive effect of herb vaping. One of the reasons why you would consider vape pens for cannabis is the various marijuana health benefits. Most of these would be realizable effectively if you use vape pens or wax pens. When you burn weed or marijuana, you are effectively destroying many of its components. These same components are what give cannabis their medicinal properties. Vaporizing will allow the cannabis to release their medicinal properties in the vapor and you can derive the intended benefits from it. For instance, you may try cannabis vaporization for chronic pain. You will notice that using weed vaporizers will offer you much more relief than smoking a joint.

Just as you need to explore how to use marijuana for pain, you would also need to get familiar with vaporizer using information. You may or may not be surprised to learn that it is easier to use marijuana vaporizers than rolling a joint. It is true that large vaporizers, be it balloon or bag or whip, do need to be maintained properly. Vape pens don’t have any tedious maintenance requirement. Small and portable weed vaporizers such as vape pens or wax pens are lightweight, they can be concealed in the pocket of your shirt or jeans and you can carry them around. This allows these amazing devices to be most practically discreet. You can risk smoking a joint in a public place, albeit it may be illegal depending on where you live and where you are. Smoking tobacco or marijuana in public is not permitted by law. However, there is no law against vaporizing. It is easy to learn how to use vaporizers and it is easier to use it discreetly in public places. The vapor would not trouble or offend anyone.

You would be amazed at the actual kick you would get from marijuana vaporizers. Cannabis is best served through vapor. The civilizations across Asia and major parts of Europe knew this hundreds and in some cases thousands of years ago. The vapor is rich in flavor. It would be cooler than smoke but you will feel its texture and the strength of the weed. There are many more flavor notes in vapor than there are in smoke. It is owing to these effects that using vape pens gives you a better kick or high than smoking a joint. You can use cannabis for pain, anxiety, depression or just for recreation. Regardless of the objective, you would want to feel a little high. Vape pens will deliver this high no matter where you are. You don’t need to roll up a joint at inconvenient places. You don’t need to pack in a few for your entire trip or the whole day. You can simply load up your weed vaporizers and you would be good to go for days.